All publications utilizing LCLs for pharmacogenetic discovery or validation are listed.

Examples of database usage:

  1. Querying differential expression between YRI and CEU populations for a gene (or genes) of interest (via transcript cluster ID).
  2. Querying SNPs important in the cytotoxicity of one drug to see if those SNPs are important in the cytotoxicity of cell lines to any other drugs.
  3. Usage, in connection with the SCAN database, to check which SNPs control gene expression, and at what p-value, and then to elucidate if those SNPs are important in any drug's cytotoxicity.
  4. Querying exon-level (probeset) expression to evaluate PCR performance prior to primer-probe design.
  5. Querying groups of SNPs, genes, or transcript cluster IDs and being able to export relevant results directly to a spreadsheet or to a text file that can be uploaded for analysis utilizing other software programs.

We plan to extend this database to include SOPs for maintenance of cell lines, data on cell proliferation rate in different media/sera as well as cost comparisons of different media/sera.

A section called non-genetic analyses is available within the database to assist in the investigation of the effects of potential confounding variables in LCLs and in studies involving LCLs. At present, this section of the database includes data on EBV baseline copy number in all 90 CEU and 90 YRI LCL samples. Cell proliferation data will also be included here for a subset of LCL samples.